university of florida > school of art+art history

gradphotoseminar >2006

Michael Buehler-Rose

artist : statement

It's entirely possible these days that a Hare Krishna could be living next door to you and you wouldn't know it.Although many believe the Hare Krishna movement has disappeared, most major cities around the world still have active communities filled with members of varying ages and backgrounds, although they may not don the stereotypical saffron robes of their Indian roots anymore.

Today's Hare Krishna is far more likely to live and work outside a temple, be married with a family, and dress in clothes from Brooks Brothers or L.L. Bean.

Becoming part of, rather than apart from, mainstream American life. Once known for their enthusiastic – many would say annoying –proselytizing, Hare Krishnas today speak of tending to the needs of existing members.

Once a haven for the anti-establishment, the movement today trains temple leaders in such worldly concerns as fiscal management and administration. They're just now part of the culture in ways that the average person couldn't have imagined some 20 or 25 years ago.