university of florida > school of art+art history

gradphotoseminar >2006


artist : statement

s t [at] e > ME n t
I am a curator
A collector, selecting and constructing environments
in the phenomenology
of t i m e and s p a c e

I construct
collections of discarded time. spaces passed by, through
objects no longer significant in their original form
the intermedia, the space that falls between

passages to a destination [re]presented in new contexts
everyday objects in examination spaces, containers
the audience becomes a conspirator in the construction of meaning.
the machine : the space, the object, the time
becomes the point of intervention









My work includes the audience
requiring its interaction, and establishing position in social space.
Etiquette. Behavior. Culture.
how is it that we communicate with each other?
language. image. object. time. distance.
What are the tools of measure?
In the construct of my work
and in the engagement of the audience
the viewer is a component
But is it as the observer, or as a participant?
Might it read as: consumer or consumed, surveillant or surveilled,
subject or object, us or other?
Must it fall to either/or? Or has that line been blurred?
All are in question

the experience of the space
public:private, external:internal, psychological:physiological
engages the body, the subject, the viewer
I choose the media, the format, the container, the contents
the time belongs to the audience

the machine
the intervention
and the space
consumption. consumer. configure. congruence. conform

who owns the space? material:value

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