artist : statement


baby, check this out…i’ve got something to say! man, it’s so loud in here…

all the proliferating metaphors for talking about art need to be cut up into pieces and stuffed in the mattress like drug money.

the idea of recognizing and legitimizing a sub-group of society by giving it a voice through imagery is underestimated. neither useful nor thought-provoking, the opposite it is.

my investment into a sub-community to which I belong occurs when acknowledging the broader social outcasts of society, and by making images that people can relate to. people like to see themselves. i do: why else would I be subjecting myself to doing this? the issue is when people fail to recognize themselves as part of life and all of its sub-cultures.

over time, i have decided that rejection of the unknown is an easy and familiar reaction to the reflection of that which we do not like within ourselves. a total rejection of a sub-culture, dismissing it as irrelevant to the societal structure, is a total rejection of popular culture. this usually stems from fear, which can lead to hate, which eventually leads to the dark side.

but just like telephone poles or the stars in the sky, star wars has become an invisible presence in the public realm.

because of the mainstream stereotypes that persist concerning the geek, nerd, eccentric collector, re-enactor, insert-label-here groups, my images will continue to be replicated and reproduced until morale improves.

but you know what would really make me laugh? if some guy fell into the sarlaac pit, was partially digested, and then came shooting out on a speeder bike. now that is something to laugh about.

university of florida > school of art+art history

gradphotoseminar >2006