artist : statement

It is inherent within us all either on a conscious or subconscious level that we as individuals want to express our emotions, thoughts, desires, regrets, dreams, vulnerabilities, strengths and so on. I explore these universal apects of our being through the mediums of photography and video. My current work is gender specific focusing on young men today and how open they are with their personal traits, beliefs and experiences. I try to unravel the qualities that are contained in these men, which can be antithetical to societal standards of what it means to be a “man”. In turn I expose a humanistic side. I approach my subjects, whom I have never met before and ask if they would be willing to participate through a portrait and videotaped interview. I ask questions such as; what is your interpretation of loneliness? What makes you nervous? What do you own that you think is cute? Is it necessary to always appear strong when you feel vulnerable? Their responses can be poignant, candid, contrived, I leave that up to the viewer’s interpretation to validate what is said and how it is shown with their kinesics.

university of florida > school of art+art history

gradphotoseminar >2006