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Kate Farrar

Informed Decision:

         I was thinking about a Barbie or suburban Housewife. The colors are purples and pinks because they seem very dainty and refined, but at the same time very clueless and naïve. Since Election Day was last week I was thinking about a “voting Barbie” or a Housewife going to vote and it seemed a little funny. To me, it doesn’t seem like either of those types would care/know too much about matters like that. They might take their husband’s opinion or something but overall…. it’s an informed decision?

Tea Room Ninja:

            I used red, green, orange, and black lines to represent the different belts that you can get in karate. I kept it in circular form to keep the idea of a “Lady’s Tea Room.” Also, the circles could be cups of tea.

Nice Neon Nights:

            This one is pretty simple. The black represents the night and all the bright colors are like buzzing neon signs. I used the “plastic wrap” effect to make it look shinny and smooth like the glass tubes of lights.

Midnight Milky Way:

            For the last color name design I decided to try something different. I worked in reverse order. I made the design first and then tried to name it. It looked similar to a night sky or a Milky way candy bar.


informed decision
midnight milkway
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