[me] d i a s p a c e

[me]dia:space is an interactive examination space positioned as both a reference and recontextualization of examination spaces relying on media image and projected behaviors that are connected to the reconstruction of self.

clearly positioned surveillance cameras monitor the activity in the space. the participating audience, interacting with the space and its objects, are able to see themselves projected through this monocular view to the monitors. the viewer can make adjustments and switch cameras, but the image is always an indirect view.

the confined space allows the audience the opportunity to examine the included objects and tools through a familiar mechanism. invited to open cabinet doors and drawers, peer into spaces, adjust the monitors, sit on the table and watch the transmitted images--which included a beauty makeover and surgical procedure--the audience becomes strangely comfortable with the objects inside the small space while their own images are open to examination and interpretation by viewers in another part of the room.

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