drawing 1.winter2008

university of missouri-columbia

assignments > exercises [tentative dates]

rendering objects > drawings 15 cups/8 forks 1/29/08

perceiving space (foreground/background space on location) 2/7/08

4 views : 3 objects (chair. table. sink) measured space 2/14/08

guest artist project 2/21/08 (TBA)

texture collage > 24x36. collected surface textures 03/13/08

seven drawings: paper bags> contrast+reconstructed spaces 3/20/08

metamorphosis. illustration (6 pieces) 4/22/08

interior space > ellis library [campus building] 04/29/08

self-portrait 05/08/08


evaluation format >

course syllabus + materials

printable due date calendar

jj_higgins. instructor/ section 5


TTh 8-10:50am. A131

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lauren crady>> caleb duensing>>> charlie aufmann>> david hansen>> derek robinson>> dustin roberts >> sami miller>>>>> luke wesselschmidt tim lehmann >>

drawing video from metamorphosis project.

sketchbooks will be required > assigned drawings done outside of class due dates are listed on course calendar.

there will be reading and writing assignments with in-class discussion.