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system:failure <digital input exceeds comprehension>

rather than live our own lives we monitor others.become intimate with plastic and electricity and other synthetic means of communicating, less able to form our own opinions make rational judgements based on the greater world. our world becomes what we are.what we see.how we respond

we hardly recognize ourselves. live. image text.broadcast.so many tools and we hardly know how to use them expecting that someone else show us how, do the work, as seen on tv

attention<shoppers paradise, consumer world, we are watching you>

we wait for information, we seek the truth through sources other than ourselves yet feel compelled to pass judgement based on individual desire. there is no sacred space, secular, exclusionary, community formed not in physical locations but through common interests. imbalance. distrust. lack of respect. hopelessness. managing time. managing space. accountability.responsibility. what is it you really own or is it all in plastic

what is the world. what is your life. what is your time. how will you make your mark.

understanding significance of ti all, everything in its place. instinct, intuition, imagination. common sense

<location unknown>




test tube




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