2D design. information station

jjhiggins. winter2008__university of missouri

course syllabus.winter_2008
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project1. hands on/hands off

project2/3. lineforms>part 1+ part2

project4. grid and shape project5.moving image project 6.texture project7.value scale project8.value+texture

project5> moving image gallery.fall06

project 10. color wheel and value charts project11. color >6x6x6 nnn project12.interpretation of color project13.cut_color_collage

artist research project > calendar of events.

project proposals+artist/collaboration plans [tba]

making plans for/with the artist. checklist

project+criteria. presentation to the class.

grading evaluation format (.jpg)


(coming soon)

lauren devane

kate farrar

hedvig jakstad glomsrød

maggie holter

ryan paule

6x6 project samples

2d_projects link

amy melito

whitney pierce

david hansen

jimmy grist


project9.color as value
project5 > moving image grid gallery. winter 07

artist resource: matthew_ritchie

(reference for project 2/3)

office hours. winter2008

Wednesday 9-11am and/or by appointment.