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the apparatus

identification of space and time in regard to position | placement within the landscape.

clarification of here. there. near. far. where. devices and markers to navigate within bounds of frame

space exists beyond but paths are made, direction given, markers placed.

the sage, the user, selects the point of entry, position within landscape.

how do we learn to maneuver, to find our way, explore the space,

know how to read its images, respond with logic?


the landscape never allows us to see all at once,


making us bridge the space between

where we begin and where we end


the time is the distance, the amount of space between the beginning and the destination.

representative objects, icons, images, mapping devices within

the framework of the landscape are placed that we may find them, find our way.

causing us to synchronize ourselves within this reality, and to work with it.

failure to do so results in stagnation, a pattern of non-change.

reason that fails to move us forward

we must first find the sages of our culture and listen. wisdom comes of taking a step back and seeing

observation and preparedness prior to action