apparatus || tools || metaphysics || index || change || landscape || anotherlandscape || perspective || permeate || wisdom || architecture || past present || newindex || sequence formula || zensation || way of the world || markingtime || formula || change || baloneykit || end of it



the world at hand. ours. theirs. yours.mine

space exists. we share it. communal. individual

the shi, breath within / atmosphere without. that with which we move, make our mark, essence of life, existence

recognition of the space, all forms, balancing the others, yin/yang, earth, sky, water, fire

traced at edges where they meet. sky at earth, water making indelible marks. see edges forming, lines| nature

marks. manmade of respect, not recreated but of inspiration, brush travels over surface in time. flow suspended

chosen forms represent. iconography. how did they come to be, significance?

three. chance. change. challenge. situation, the grouping of images. time. space. light

trigrams in reference, to the landscape, to the atmosphere, to the individual, combined position

combined interpretation. oracle. sage. wisdom comes of self-knowledge

observation. perception of space. recognition of atmosphere. strengths. weaknesses.

visualizing the whole

relying on the past. present. future


basis on the philosophy, ethics, aesthetics of new forms in combination

historical contexts and recent