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specific information to be requested

survey of sage candidates

demographic of

social space

community space

individual space



who owns the space? what are the rights of the users, and general etiquette expected in a community framework?


apparatus || tools || metaphysics || index || change || landscape || anotherlandscape || perspective || permeate || wisdom || architecture || past present || newindex || sequence formula || zensation || way of the world || markingtime || formula || change || baloneykit || end of it


as a metaphor for change

architecture inclusive of time

of space

constructs of vocabulary, essence of form and energy

materiality, physical space

space between

in addition, the shi

of the structure,

the shi of those who enter it

the interface with

the environment

the way it welcomes its visitors

includes them in the space,

protects excites shelters

static form but is it?

what material lasts

infinite. eternal?